The 26th Autumn Trophy of Lonato ended with a great success and a participation record of 540 drivers making it to the track in the two weekends of 2 and 9 October. The KZ2, Prodriver Under and Over, 125 Club, 60 Mini, Entry Level and Rok Cup trophies awarded. 
Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy). The 26th Autumn Trophy had an unprecedented success this year at the South Garda Karting circuit of Lonato, thanks to 540 drivers on track in the first two weekends of October, to a perfect organization and a programme run without any scheduling issue despite the record numbers and the high number of categories involved.
Spectacle on track has been remarkable in all categories, including the national KZ2, Prodriver Under and Over, 125 Club, 60 Mini, Entry Level, and Rok Cup that has been running the Challenge Rok Cup, as the drivers involved in this category took this chance to prepare at best the forthcoming international event of the Rok Cup International scheduled in Lonato on October 22nd.
The two weekends decided the winners of the Autumn Trophy in Lonato, as the final classification was delineated summing the scores obtained in the two finals held on October 2nd and 9th, and breaking any ties through the best qualifying position in the second event.
KZ2. The most powerful category, KZ2, saw Enrico Bernardotto taking the victory on October 2nd on CKR-Tm, while the exiting champion Massimo Dante claimed an authoritative win on Maranello-Tm in the Prefinal and Final of this second round. The second place obtained by Bernardotto behind Dante, and his 12 thousands of a second of advantage in qualifying over Dante, allowed the driver from Vicenza to claim the Trophy. Among the absolute quickest, poleman Giacomo Pollini was third in the Final on CRG-Maxter.
Autumn Trophy KZ2 Classification: 1. Bernardotto (CKR-Tm) points 87; 2. Dante (Maranello-Tm) 87; 3. Medeghini (VRK-Tm) 74.
PRODRIVER UNDER. Luca Bombardelli (Maranello-Tm) managed to repeat the victory he took in the first round of Prodriver Under, securing the Autumn Trophy of the category in this way. Bombardelli led Nicolò Zin (CKR-Tm) and Francesco Alfiniti (CRG-Tm) at the chequered flag of the second Final.
Autumn Trophy Prodriver Under Classification: 1. Bombardelli (Maranello-Tm) points 90; 2. Zin (CKR-Tm) 84; 3. Gianassi (CRG-Tm) 75.
PRODRIVER OVER. Gianni Corti won the second Final on Maranello-Tm, improving on the 16th place he obtained in the first round. The title went to Cristian Griggio, also on Maranello-Tm, who was second at the flag in this closing Final after being second in the first one too. The third place of the podium went to Attilio Borghi on Maranello-Tm.
Autumn Trophy Prodriver Over Classification: 1. Griggio (Maranello-Tm) points 84; 2. Bresaola (Tony Kart-Vortex) 82; 3. Borghi (Maranello-Tm) 79.
125 CLUB. Mauro Moretti did not miss the chance of securing the title of 125 Club on Tony Kart-Tm, even if he had to face the challenge of a strong rival like Francesco Perugini on BirelArt-Tm.  Moretti was first at the flag and won the Trophy, after the victory scored in the first round, while Perugini was slowed down by the front fairing dropped after a contact in the closing stages and had to settle for P3, behind Davide Micheletti (Maranello-Tm).
Autumn Trophy 125 Club Classification: 1. Moretti (Tony Kart-Tm) punti 90; 2. Micheletti (Maranello-Tm) 84; 3. Perugini (BirelArt-Tm) 79.
60 MINI.  Yannik Federer – the younger brother of KZ2 European Champion Fabian Federer – won the Final and the Trophy in 60 Mini on Maranello-Tm. Federer took the victory of the Final leading the Austrian Kiano Blum (Maranello-Tm) and Jiri Becicka (Top Kart-Tm). 
Autumn Trophy 60 Mini Classification: 1. Federer (Maranello-Tm) points 87; 2. Odin (Energy-Tm) 84; 3. Blum (Maranello-Tm) 80.
ENTRY LEVEL. The smallest of the categories on track – Entry Level reserved for 6-8 yrs old children, saw Roberto Castellozzi confirming his lead taking the victory and the Trophy on Italcorse-Lke. Giacomo Pedrini (Tony Kart-Lke) was second in this Final, leading Michael Patroclo Ider (Evokart-Lke).                                                                                       
Autumn Trophy Entry Level Classification: 1. Castellozzi (Italcorse-Lke) points 90; 2. Ider (Evokart-Lke) 82; 3. Ferrari (Croc-Iame) 79.
MINI ROK. Mini Rok set a record number of 76 drivers on track out of the 79 entered. The young American Carlton Crawford (Energy-Vortex) came out winner of a tough battle, leading the Polish  Tymoteusz Kucharczyk (Hero-Vortex) at the sprint to the line, while the Italian Leonardo Caglioni (Evokart-Vortex) was third after leading the first part of the Final. Valentino Baracco (Top Kart-Vortex) managed to win the Autumn Trophy anyway, thanks to the points obtained for his P8.
Autumn Trophy Mini Rok Classification: 1. Baracco (Top Kart-Vortex) points 77; 2. Chiappini (IPK-Vortex) 72; 3. Ressico (Birel-Vortex) 63.
JUNIOR ROK. The Final race was characterized by a three-ways fight for the victory. Jacopo Guidetti (Tony Kart-Vortex) eventually managed to take the victory leading Francesco Pagano (Tony Kart-Vortex), but the Autumn Trophy went to the Polish Kacper Szczurek (Kosmic-Vortex), who was third at the flag.
Autumn Trophy Junior Rok Classification: 1. Szczurek (Kosmic-Vortex) points 80; 2. Szyszko (Kosmic-Vortex) 75; 3. Janicki (Kosmic-Vortex) 75.
SENIOR ROK. Giorgio Molinari (Tony Kart-Vortex) took the lead in the second part of the Final, overtaking the Polish driver Szymon Szyszko (Kosmic-Vortex). The latter managed to secure the Autumn Trophy though, thanks to the victory claimed in the first round. The third step of the Final’s podium went to Simone Favaro (Tony Kart-Vortex).
Autumn Trophy Senior Rok Classification: 1. Szyszko (Kosmic-Vortex) points 87; 2. Favaro (Tony Kart-Vortex) 82; 3. Molinari (Tony Kart-Vortex) 78.
SUPER ROK. The victory of Super Rok went to Marco Moretti (Tony Kart-Vortex), who took the lead of the race at halfway through, while Riccardo Cinti (FA-Vortex) crossed the finish line in second place. The third place went to Mattia D’Abramo (Tony Kart-Vortex), who took the Autumn Trophy with it.
Autumn Trophy Super Rok Classification: 1. D’Abramo (Tony Kart-Vortex) points 85; 2. Gaglianò (Tony Kart-Vortex) 79; 3. Kocka (CRG-Vortex) 77.
SHIFTER ROK. Following the initial domination of Alessandro Buran (CRG-Vortex), Federico Squaranti (Tony Kart-Vortex) eventually took the lead of Shifter Rok winning the Final, as Nicola Marcon (Tony Kart-Vortex) was second and Buran third. Cristian Lepore (Tony Kart-Vortex) was fourth, but this position earned him the victory of the Autumn Trophy.
Autumn Trophy Shifter Rok Classification: 1. Lepore (Tony Kart-Vortex) points 81; 2. Rechsteiner (CRG-Vortex) 75; 3. Buran (CRG-Vortex) 73.
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In the pictures: 1) The start of the KZ2 Final of the Autumn Trophy in Lonato; 2) Massimo Dante crossing the finish line in KZ2; 3) The podium of the Autumn Trophy of KZ2 (from left Dante, Bernardotto winner, Medeghini). Ph. FM Press
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